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HotelRoomAuction.com originated from the Dutch website Hotelkamerveiling.nl and has its head office in Veenendaal, the Netherlands. HotelRoomAuction.com was founded by Klaas Stekelenburg and his sons Matthijs and Jasper Stekelenburg.

We are market leader in online auctioning of hotel packages. On our website, our visitors can bid on hotel packages for over 1000 hotels worldwide.
Since 2007, over 3 million guests from the Dutch and Belgian market stayed in over 1000 hotels worldwide via our Dutch platform Hotelkamerveiling.nl.

Our mission: “To enable more guests to visit hotels more often” 

It is our aim to make hotels worldwide more accessible to a wider audience and to enable anyone to experience the hotel industry and its hospitality. HotelRoomAuction.com aims to provide the best possible service. By constantly improving our website, we hope to give you an optimal experience. All of our activities are managed in-house, which results in a high level of involvement of our employees; we’re always pleased to help!

A brief history of HotelRoomAuction.com 


The idea of selling hotel packages by auction came from Klaas Stekelenburg, who owns a four start hotel in the Netherlands. Together with his sons Matthijs and Jasper Stekelenburg, he launched the website www.hotelkamerveiling.nl in February 2008. In the years that followed, the company grew quickly. In 2011 the new logo was presented: It is the silhouette of a man with a suitcase, joyfully jumping in the air. It represents the victorious and happy feeling that you get when you win an auction on our website!


Hotelkamerveiling.nl welcomed its 500.000th member in November 2012! On the 14th of December 2012, the Hotelroomauction.nl team moved to a new location in Veenendaal, NL.

In 2013 we celebrated our 5-year anniversary!


In 2014 we proudly presented our international websites HotelRoomAuction.co.uk and HotelRoomAuction.com. With the launch of Hotelroomauction.com we truly expand our activities worldwide.


We are grateful and proud of what we’ve accomplished with our team.  At this moment we have 727.887 members worldwide and this number is growing constantly.

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