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The auction and platform rules of is the best website for booking great hotel rooms at affordable prices. Bidding in an auction means you get to determine the price you pay for a hotel package deal for two people.

You bid on the package deal of your choice. After receiving your payment, will e-mail you your hotel coupon (hereinafter referred to as “coupon”). With this coupon you can book the package deal at the hotel of your choice on the website.

The auction and platform rules observed by are set out in a number of answers to (frequently asked) questions below. Since is originated in the Netherlands, please note that the Dutch Law applies. If you cannot find the answer to your question, feel free to contact us at any time.

Table of contents

1. Auction rules

2. Platform rules

3. Other

1. Auction rules

Article 1.1 – Who may participate in an auction?

Anyone who is registered and has a user account on may participate in auctions on

You must be at least 18 years old to register on and therefore also to participate in auctions run on the site. For more information about our age limit and registering, see Auction Rule 1.5.

Article 1.2 - Is there a difference between buying something on the Internet and buying something in an auction on the Internet?

No, there isn’t a difference.

If you buy, say, a television via the Internet, you have fourteen days following delivery to change your mind about your purchase (the statutory right of withdrawal). If you are unhappy about your purchase, for whatever reason, you are entitled to return the television free of charge. There is no similar legal provision for items purchased in a won auction.

If you bid for a package deal on and win the auction, you also have fourteen days to change your mind about your purchase. In case you however decide to pay, you confirm that you agree to definitely purchase the coupon (hotel package). You will then relinquish the Right of Withdrawal.

In case you have paid the coupon, but you would still like to withdraw your purchase, however allows winners of auctions to cancel the auction agreement for a charge of €25 (Please note: within 14 days after winning the auction). This is only permitted if the coupon (which is used to book the hotel room) has not yet been used. Please contact our Customer Service for more information.

Article 1.3 – How does an auction work on

Step 1 – Register for free; see Article 1.4.

Step 2 – Log in to; see Article 1.5.

Step 3 – Compete with others and bid on your favourite package deal; see Article 1.6.

Article 1.4 – How and where can I register?

You must be at least 18 years old to register. assumes that everyone who registers is 18 years old or over.

To participate in auctions, you must create an account.

Begin the registration process by clicking the button [register]. A registration form will appear which you are requested to complete fully, truthfully and with due care. Input errors are for your own account, also if not you but a third party suffers damage as a result.

This form asks you to enter a password. Remember this password carefully and do not disclose it to others. If your username and password combination is entered correctly, will assume that you are the person accessing the site. You bear all risk if this is not the case.

If you suspect that the confidentiality of your log-in details has been compromised, get in touch with us. will then take appropriate measures, which may include the blocking of your user account.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail after you have completed the form. (Please note that this confirmation e-mail may arrive in your spam/junk e-mail folder.)

Click on the link in this e-mail to activate your account.

Article 1.5 – How can I log in?

To log in, go to the site and click on the heading [log in].

You will then be asked to enter your email address and password.

After you have logged in, the words “Welcome” followed by your username will appear on the right top of your screen. You can now participate in an auction of your choice.

Article 1.6 – How can I bid on a package deal?

You may only place bids if you are registered on the platform and you are at least 18 years old. For more information about our age limit and registering, see Article 1.5.

You must be registered to bid for package deals on (See Article 1.4). You must also be logged in. (See Article 1.5).

To start bidding, go to the package deal that interests you. Enter an amount that is at least £1 higher than the highest bid. You can only enter whole amounts without decimal points.

Click on [Place bid].

You can set your account options to send you an e-mail whenever you are outbid.

You can also see whether this option is activated at “active bids” in your account.

Of course, you can also follow the bids in the auction itself. Tip: press F5 every so often to refresh the website.

Article 1.7 – How many people is the package deal for?

The package deals are based on two people, unless stated otherwise in the auction. The content of a package deals offered in an auction is compiled by the supplier of the package deal as specified in the auction. As each package deal is unique, be sure to read the description carefully.

Article 1.8 – How long does an auction last?

The duration of the auction differs depending on the package deal.

Note that auctions run according to a schedule. As soon as the clock reads "0", the auction is closed, after which the winner of the auction is displayed.

As auctioneer, is at all times entitled to start, interrupt, change, shorten or stop auctions provided it has well-founded reasons for doing so.

By placing a bid, you undertake to pay the highest amount you bid if you win the auction. Therefore always check your bid carefully before pressing the [Place bid] button.

You may not participate in an auction if your sole purpose for doing so is to drive up the price or to frustrate the bidding process. As auctioneer, is entitled to judge suspected incidents of such behaviour.

Article 1.9 – I have won an auction. What now?

If you have won an auction, you must pay the amount you bid. The amount you pay will be increased by the auction costs, as specified on the auction page. Both amounts are inclusive of VAT.

While other additional costs, such as the tourist tax, are described in the package deal, these are paid to the hotel on arrival at the hotel.

If you win an auction, will send you an e-mail with the details of the package deal. This e-mail also contains a link for secure payment. (In case you decide to pay, you confirm that you agree to definitely purchase the coupon (hotel package). You will then relinquish the Right of Withdrawal. See Article 1.2 for more information.)

After your payment has been received, we will send you an e-mail to notify you that your coupon is in your user account. The e-mail also contains the coupon as an attachment.

This coupon cannot be redeemed for money or another package deal.

Article 1.10 – How will I receive my coupon?

­Following payment, you will automatically receive your coupon in an electronic and printable format (PDF and/or JPG). The coupon will be sent to the e-mail address you entered when you registered. You can also retrieve and download the coupon from your user account at any time.

Article 1.11 – How and when do I have to pay for an auction I have won? offers a number of payment options:

· Credit card (plus a fee of 2.5% of the total amount)

  • Paypal
  • Direct debit card

You must pay the highest amount bid plus the auction costs, as stated on the platform. These prices include VAT.

You must pay the full amount owed (coupon + the auction costs) within five days of winning the auction.

Article 1.12 – Is the package deal subject to restrictions?

The coupon can be used for a specific package deal. Always read the package deal information displayed in the auction carefully so that you know what to expect. The package deal information states the period of validity of the coupon as well as the terms and conditions under which you may redeem your coupon and therefore book the package deal.

Example: the coupon may only be usable on certain days of the week. If you do not wish to accept this condition, do not bid in the auction.

The rules for using coupons are often influenced by the fact that a package deal usable by a coupon is cheaper than if the same package deal were booked through regular channels.

The party offering a package deal, a stay at a hotel or holiday resort, is obliged to make every effort to offer you adequate opportunities to use the coupon.

On the other hand, as the winner of the auction, you also have an obligation to make every effort to make a booking, i.e. use the coupon you won.

Article 1.13 – How do I use my coupon?

1. Go to the website

2. Log in.

3. On the website, you will on top of the home page a button [My Account].

4. Go to [Auctions won] and click at the hotel package of your choice on the button [Book].

5. Please follow the rest of the steps in the reservation system.

Article 1.14 – It has not been possible to reserve within my coupon’s term of validity. What can I do now?

If you have not been able to make a reservation within your coupon’s term of validity, get in touch with our Customer Service. We will be happy to assist you to make a reservation.

If it really is impossible for you to redeem your coupon within the applicable term of validity, then the validity of some coupons can be extended for a charge.

Article 1.15 – What does “reserve five days in advance” mean?

Some package deals may only be reserved no more than five days in advance. This means that the availability of the package deal is displayed on our website five days before the desired date of arrival, from which point a reservation can be made depending on availability. No exceptions can be made in this regard. In the case of coupons, reservations must meet the conditions that the hotel has stipulated for the use of coupons. The coupon does not entitle the holder to make a reservation on a random date, unless such has been expressly agreed – in writing – before the purchase of the coupon.

Article 1.16 – What does the term “freely bookable” mean?

Some package deals are free bookable, meaning that they are not subject to a reservation restriction (e.g. reserving a maximum of five days in advance). You may reserve the package deal at any time you wish (subject to availability). You can check the availability in our reservation system.

Article 1.17 – I cannot reserve a room via, but there are rooms available on the site of the hotel itself. How can that be?

It is common practice for hotels to offer rooms via various sales channels (i.e. booking sites). reserves a number of rooms at a hotel and offers them at an auction. It is possible that, while a particular hotel may no longer have any rooms available for, it will still have rooms for another booking channel.

Furthermore, hotels also keep rooms available for direct bookings via their own websites. In other words, hotels manage the availability of their own hotel rooms.

Article 1.18 – Can I change or cancel a reservation?

Your coupon is used once you make a reservation at a hotel. If you decide – for whatever reason – not to actually use the reservation, neither the hotel nor is liable to pay any refund or compensation.

If you have made a reservation and wish to either change the date of the reservation or cancel it, you will need to contact the hotel in question and find out what their policy is. Feel free to contact our Customer Service if anything is not clear.

Article 1.19 – How long is a coupon valid?

A coupon is valid for one year unless otherwise specified in the terms and conditions of the package deal.

Article 1.20 – Can I extend the validity of my coupon?

The validity of some coupons can be extended for a charge. Check the details of the auction in question in your account to see if it includes an extension option.

Article 1.21 – Can I also reserve a date that falls outside the validity term of my coupon?

No, that is not possible. Your reservation and stay must fall within the validity term of your coupon.

Article 1.22 – Is there a minimum age for reserving hotel rooms?

You must be at least 18 years old to reserve a hotel room.

Article 1.23 – What happens when a coupon expires?

You cannot reserve a hotel room with an expired coupon. To receive an e-mail to remind you that your coupon has almost expired, activate the appropriate setting under [settings] in your account.

Article 1.24 – Can I resell the coupon?

No, that is not allowed. It is prohibited to resell coupons purchased on our website to third parties. You may however give away coupons purchased from us as gifts.

Article 1.25 – How can I cancel my user account?

We can block your account for you. Click on [Customer Service] on our website and at the bottom of the page on [Customer Support directly]. Please fill in the contact form.

Article 1.26 – What can I expect from after I win an auction? is the seller of the coupon and guarantees the delivery of the services specified on the coupon.

For questions and/or comments regarding the coupon or the platform, please contact our Customer Service.

Article 1.27 – What can I do if I am not satisfied?

If you are unsatisfied with any aspect of our service, our website, the coupon or the package deal or if you want to complain about the conduct of other users of our website, please get in touch with our Customer Service.

If you are dissatisfied with the quality of the hotel or your stay there, please contact the hotel management.

Article 1.28 – Does operate a compensation policy?

Yes, does operate a compensation policy though we do not refund money. If is unable to deliver the good or service to which you are entitled as the coupon holder, you will be provided with a coupon code. This coupon code entitles you to the monetary value of the won package deal including the auction costs. You can spend this amount to purchase a subsequent package deal you win in an auction on

If you have any other questions/comments, click the heading [Customer Service] on our website, where you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

2. Platform rules

Article 2.1 – Do the rules of decency also apply to

Yes, we at observe the rules of decency.

Do not use coarse language in reviewing hotels that fell short of expectations as a way of warning other users.

Your own conduct must not cause any kind of nuisance for other users.

Your conduct must never be in violation of the law.

It is therefore prohibited to post information that is in violation of Dutch legislation and regulations, common decency, public order and/or the rights of third parties. This includes in particular, but not exclusively, information that is offered without the permission of the copyright holder(s), information that is injurious, threatening, insulting, racist, hatemongering or discriminating, spam, information containing child pornography and information that violates the privacy of third parties or that constitutes a form of stalking, as well as hyperlinks, torrents and other links to such information on third-party sites wherever in the world (even if the information is legal in the jurisdiction concerned).

Article 2.2 – Can I copy texts, photos and other elements on the website?

No, you must respect the intellectual property rights of or the provider of the package deal.

The intellectual property rights relate to the images, texts and, for example, the “look and feel” of the website. Consequently, the copyright holder of these works is the only party authorised to copy and republish them.

Article 2.3 – What should I do if I discover my intellectual property rights have been violated?

You can get in touch with (link to the contact page).

You must be able to demonstrate that you are the holder of the intellectual property right in question (or that you are authorised to act against violations) and you must explain why you believe there has been a violation.

Article 2.4 – How do I post my experiences? Where can I rate hotels, etc.? allows users to post their experiences with specific providers of package deals on the site. You need to log in and go to [My Account]. Go to [Auctions won]. After the arrival date has expired, you will find a button [Write a review] next to the concerning hotel package (coupon). Please click on this button and follow the shown steps.

Article 2.5 – What does do with experiences I post to the site? will post your experience when ten or more experiences (including yours) of the same package deal have been posted. is authorised to edit your experiences in the event you have not observed the rules of common decency in what you have written.

Article 2.6 – What happens with my personal details? believes it is of the utmost importance that the personal details of its users are handled with due care. Accordingly, we process and protect personal data with the greatest possible care, observing the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act. bears responsibility for the data processing. Because our processing activities fall within the statutory exemption regulations, they have not been registered with the Dutch Data Protection Authority. In our privacy statement we explain which personal data we collect and use, and for what purpose. Click here for the full statement.

3. Other

Article 3.1 – Where and how are changes to the auction and platform rules announced?

These are announced on the website. If the changes are significant, you will also be informed of them via your user account (provided you have a user account).

Article 3.2 – When do new rules come into effect?

New conditions apply from 30 days after their announcement or after you have granted your express approval by checking the appropriate checkbox.

Old conditions remain applicable for auctions won before the new conditions take effect unless you expressly accept the new conditions for auctions already won by checking the appropriate checkbox.

If you do not agree with the (new) rules, you are advised not to participate in any auctions and to cancel your user account.

Article 3.3 – Which law governs the website?

Dutch law applies.

Article 3.4 – How can I get in touch with


Post: (UK Office - P.O.),

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